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Tobermory pizza lovers, indulge in fresh artisan pizza at PizzaForno! Visit our automated pizzeria at 7405 ON-6, N0H 2R0 for a delicious and convenient dining experience.

An outdoor pizza takeaway restaurant in Tobermory beside a general store.

7405 ON-6

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North America's OnlySustainable Automated pizzeria

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Amazing, the ultimate in convenience, and it bakes in 3 minutes. Wow! The future is exciting.

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Jason L.

Pretty great pizza! I really love the crust on the personal pizza.

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King T.

Great for a late night snack. It really only takes 3 minutes and it smells amazing!! 🙌 Love the Meat Lover's Pizza 😊

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Nicole C.

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Our Pizza's Journey: Boxed, Baked, and Untouched

Savor the Safety

At PizzaForno, every pizza comes with a seal of safety. Each pizza is baked within its box, ensuring zero contamination. When a customer orders a pizza, our advanced robotic arms transfer the pizza to our patented convection oven. During this process, the pizza never leaves its box.

With our touch-free baking process in combination with regular cleaning routines, we ensure that every slice is not just delicious but also hygienic. By utilizing these processes, in addition to contactless checkouts, PizzaForno is setting new industry-leading safety standards.

Open 24/7

Our innovative automated pizzeria sets a new standard in the industry by offering delicious, freshly-baked pizza 24/7, so you can satisfy your pizza cravings anytime, day or night.

Baked Fresh In Minutes

Experience unmatched convenience with PizzaForno. Our machines deliver freshly-baked, delicious pizzas in minutes, perfect for busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles.


Utilize the convenience of our take-n-bake option. Allowing you to take home a ready-to-cook pizza and enjoy it freshly baked at a time that fits your schedule.

High Quality Ingredients

We take pride in using only the highest-quality ingredients in each pizza, which is made fresh to order, ensuring a delicious and satisfying experience with every bite.

Inside the Tech: Cooking Pizza to Perfection

Smart Baking

PizzaForno utilizes advanced robotics to provide fresh pizza 24/7. First, the outdoor kiosk is 100% weather-proof. Furthermore, this gives our company the ability to provide a food alternative in locations that would be hard to support before. The outdoor kiosk can withstand freezing climates like the Canadian winter while also staying cool enough in the hot Texas summer.

The refrigerator inside keeps the pizzas fresh while our patented convection oven cooks them at the optimal temperature. The bottom of each pizza box is equipped with five holes. The robotic arm lifts through the holes and rotates the pizza inside the oven while it bakes. Ensuring each pizza baked, whether it be during the winter or summer, always comes out perfect!

An indoor PizzaForno kiosk inside a university
The mayor cutting a ribbon in front of an outdoor kiosk.
A Vegetarian pizza on a wooden cutting board with olives, garlic, and tomatoes beside it
A person cutting a cheese pizza into eight slices.

Find Fresh Pizza Nearby: Discover The Freshness Factor at PizzaForno

Fresh Commitment

At PizzaForno, we serve pizzas that cater to everyone's preferences. From our Meat Lovers to our Vegetarian options, our menu is designed to satisfy every palate. With our newly developed crust and increased toppings per pizza, we aim to set new standards in the automated food industry. We have stringent processes in place to maintain both consistency and quality in our offerings. From the creation of the pizza at our central factories to its stocking in the machines, we adhere to strict protocols.

When pizzas are stocked in the machines, they are assigned a three-day “sell by” date. If a pizza is not sold within this three-day window, the machine automatically removes it from the available slots. This process ensures that each pizza purchased is both safe and fresh. When you choose PizzaForno, you're choosing a pizza that's been prepared with care, guaranteeing a consistent and delicious experience every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through some of our frequently asked questions


What is PizzaForno?

PizzaForno is a revolutionary automated pizzeria (AKA pizza vending machine) that serves up fresh, hot pizzas in minutes. Accessible 24/7 at the tap of a digital screen, each pizza is baked to perfection in our patented pulsed air convection ovens.


How do you ensure quality?

Once a pizza is inserted into the machine, it is given a 'sell by' date for three days later. After that date, the pizza will no longer be purchasable by customers. PizzaForno automated pizzerias are regularly stocked, and older pizzas are removed once they’ve passed their three day shelf life.


When are you coming to my city?

New PizzaForno locations are announced and launched every month. New locations are dependent on several factors, most notably the licensee’s region of operation. Interested licensees are invited to fill out the Licensee Inquiry Form on our website.


What is your pizza made of?

You can find the nutrition facts of all PizzaForno varieties on our website. All locations use the same ingredients, as well as preparation methods.


How does it work?

Every PizzaForno automated pizzeria holds 70 12-inch pizzas. Once a customer places an order, a robotic arm takes their selection from the refrigerated section and moves it into our patented convection oven where it is baked. Once ready, the pizza emerges from a slot at the front of the machine for the customer to grab and enjoy!


Is the inside of the machine clean?

Pizzas do not actually touch the inside of the machine at any point of the loading, baking or serving process. Pizzas are baked while already inside their box. Both the interior and exterior of all PizzaForno automated pizzerias are cleaned regularly.

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