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Paid Position

Get paid per month/semester while sampling free pizza slices, passing out flyers, posting social media content, gathering customer feedback, and more.

Exclusive Perks

Ambassadors get to enjoy exclusive company perks such as merchandise, swag, deals, and of course free pizzas!

Flexible Schedule

Take advantage of our flexible hours, giving you the ability to work around your busy schedule and earn money during your free time.

Earn Commission

As an ambassador, you will be given an affiliate code in which you can earn additional $ depending on how many sales per month you generate.

The future is pizzaforno

PizzaForno, the fastest growing automated pizzeria company in North America is searching for brand ambassadors, that love pizza, to join the “Pizzaruption”! As a member of our paid brand ambassador program, you will be required to complete a set list of activities per week and per month, upon completion there are also different tasks you can do for some extra dough!

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Our ideal candidate

Join the pizzaruption

Are you outgoing, friendly and love pizza? Do you enjoy socializing and meeting new people? Are you engaging and friendly? If so, then our brand ambassador role might be perfect for you!

Passionate about Pizza

You love all things pizza, from the perfect crust to the ideal topping combination.

Socially Connected

You are adept at using social media platforms, and your content naturally sparks conversation and interaction.

Outgoing & Independent

You have the ability to work independently & have strong interpersonal skills

The Role of a PizzaForno Brand Ambassador

Pizza Devotees

Brand Representation

As a brand ambassador, you'll represent PizzaForno in your community. PizzaForno ambassadors spend most of their time living their normal lives with PizzaForno as a topic of discussion amid potential customers in the area.

Customer Engagement Tools

Organize Events

Attend Campus Activities

Wear The Brand

Pass Out Flyers

Share And Eat Pizza

Social Media Marketing

Part of your role will involve generating engaging and creative content for social media that promotes and represents PizzaForno. This could include photos of you enjoying our pizza, videos at our vending machine locations, or getting others to share their experiences on social media.

Workflow Optimization

Post Content Weekly

Collect & Create Content

Take Pictures & Videos

Spread Social Awareness

Post Social Media Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in becoming a PizzaForno Brand Ambassador but still want to learn more about the program, here are some of our most-asked questions! If you need help finding an answer to what you're looking for, email [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Do I need a large social media following to become a Brand Ambassador?

No, you do not! While a large social media presence may help, our company values genuine interactions & connections over followers. If you know how to make engaging and creative social media content, you’ll do great!

What benefits do PizzaForno Brand Ambassadors receive?

In addition to getting paid, receiving exclusive perks, and free pizzas, ambassadors also get to participate in a great initiative that they can put on their resumes, and get a recommendation letter from the company for their efforts!

How does the commission program work?

The ambassador will be given an affiliate code in which they will be credited additional $ for each pizza sale they generate using their code. They also have a chance at getting a bonus commission for any sales over a set metric per month.

How can I apply to be a PizzaForno Brand Ambassador?

Fill out the form above to submit your PizzaForno brand ambassador application.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you have any questions about the program, you can send an email to [email protected]!

What does a PizzaForno Brand Ambassador do?

A PizzaForno brand ambassador is someone who represents the company on their local campus through different initiatives. Whether it be through posting social media content, handing out free pizza samples, or just repping the PizzaForno merchandise. The goal is to help generate brand awareness in your local community.