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Trip to France
As the owner of a food-equipment distribution business, Will Moyer supplies global chains with innovative food service tools. In 2017, Moyer was approached by a France-based manufacturer who wanted to tell him more about an automated pizza oven, as well as the opportunity to be the North American distributor for the cutting-edge machinery. While initially unsure if it fit into his existing product range, the distributor insisted Will see the machine in action. So he flew to France to check it out. Moyer drove to the closest ‘pizza vending machine’ location, purchased a pizza, and immediately knew this was something special.
Across Ontario
A commitment was made by Will and his business partner Les Tomlin to offer North American consumers the best quality pizza, conveniently. This included flying in a French chef to perfect the recipes, securing a top-grade commissary, partnering with premium food suppliers, and opening a brand new Global Headquarters in Toronto. It was safe to say, PizzaForno had taken the pizza industry by storm. By 2020, PizzaForno had secured locations across the GTA, in hospitals and campuses, gas stations, resort towns and everywhere in between.
PizzaForno is now a
North American
In 2021, PizzaForno opened its first automated pizzeria in the United States. The town of Jackson, Michigan immediately took to the easy and delicious pizza option – leading to several more locations being able to open across the state. Due to the overwhelming success in Michigan, PizzaForno has already commenced plans to expand to other regions in the U.S, several more provinces and Costa Rica.
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