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The Only Automated Pizzeria with UL and NAMA Certification

Indoor Kiosk

7.67 x 5.0 x 8.0 ft

208V 20 AMP single phase electricity

Sleek, modern, and freestanding, this indoor kiosk fits seamlessly indoors without extensive modifications

Outdoor Kiosk

10.7 x 8.0 x 8.6 ft

208V 30 AMP single phase electricity

Durable yet compact, this versatile kiosk fits perfectly in urban areas, parking spots, and recreational zones

ATM Kiosk

7.67 x 4.0 x 8.0 ft

208V 20 AMP single phase electricity

Designed for wall recessing, blends seamlessly into buildings, offers easy indoor access for restocking

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Licensee Requirements

To become a PizzaForno licensee in the U.S. or Canada, you must have a minimum available liquid capital amount of $100,000. Click the 'apply now' button to submit your application.

Minimum Available Liquid Capital


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Competitive Advantage

The Benefits of Becoming a Licensee

Let's highlight the key features that position PizzaForno as a leading choice in the automated pizza vending industry.

Turn-key system

Start your pizza business with ease with our fully automatic turn-key pizza system.

30%+ net margins

Our model offers impressive 30%+ net operating margins at $12/pizza.

24/7 availability

Maximizing revenue through 24/7 operations without the need for on-site staff.

Proprietary technology

Competitive advantage through proprietary technology and custom built systems.


Hot & fresh pizza conveniently boxed and delivered to customers in minutes.

Compact footprint

Optimize space & fit seamlessly into indoor & outdoor locations, only 50-80 sq/ft required.

Proven reliability

With an 18-year history & the first-ever unit still active, over 2000 units now operate worldwide.

Real-time data analytics

Leverage real-time analytics to optimize operations and boost profitability.

Integrated payment system

Our system handles all major payment methods for easy financial management.

Simplified Business Model: PizzaForno's Turnkey Solution

At PizzaForno, our 100% turnkey solution, including installation, training, and a 2-year warranty, simplifies entering the automated pizza vending market. We streamline the start-up process and remove typical complexities, providing a complete, ready-to-operate system. This approach makes becoming a PizzaForno licensee incredibly straightforward, enabling you to generate revenue quickly without the steep learning curve that new business ventures usually entail.

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We are very much a ‘tech-forward’ food brand. We have made sure to acquire proprietary technology that allows our licensees to operate seamlessly and provides consumers with a delicious and engaging pizza buying experience.

Les Tomlin
Co-Founder & President, PizzaForno

North America's Fastestgrowing automated pizza chain

PizzaForno's Proprietary Automated Baking System

At PizzaForno, we've redefined pizza making by integrating advanced robotics with our sophisticated pulsed air convection oven. This proprietary technology gives our licensees a competitive advantage in every aspect of pizza preparation.

The robotic arm inside the machine skillfully manages the transfer of each pizza into the convection oven, where it undergoes a precision baking process. Meanwhile, our automated system dynamically adjusts temperature and time to ensure a consistently superior bake.

Real-Time Reporting & Remote Monitoring

Experience streamlined management with our real-time machine reporting system. Monitor sales data, track inventory levels, and receive maintenance alerts all in one convenient dashboard. With remote access capabilities, manage your PizzaForno machine from anywhere, ensuring efficiency and profitability in your operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read through some of our frequently asked questions


What is included in the cost of a unit?

The all-inclusive price of a PizzaForno unit includes the machine with a 70-pizza capacity, licensing fee, installation, staff training, two years of maintenance and repairs, and ongoing customer support, providing a full setup for success.


What certifications does PizzaForno have?

Both our team and machines have undergone an extensive process to secure NAMA certification and UL approval, ensuring our licensees can serve fresh, high-quality pizzas backed by industry-leading certifications.


How does the licensee onboarding work?

The process starts with your application's qualification review, followed by a deposit. We then build and prepare your machine(s) as you find a suitable location. Our team aids in installation and setup and provides thorough training and support.


What licensing opportunities are available?

PizzaForno offers three licensing models: the Single Unit License, the Multi-Unit License, and Market Development Rights License for those looking to develop a specific region or market.


Where are the pizzas produced?

Each of our proprietary pizza varieties is expertly crafted at a USA FDA certified facility, ensuring high-quality production and safety standards.


Who is responsible for stocking the machines?

Licensees are responsible for stocking and maintaining PizzaForno machines. We provide thorough training in operation and maintenance, along with logistical support to ensure a continuous supply of fresh pizzas.

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