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5 Tips to Throw an Amazing Pizza Party

5 Tips to Throw an Amazing Pizza Party

Whether you're celebrating your favorite team's win or a birthday party, today we're going to share with you five tips on how to throw an amazing pizza party.

1. Order Enough Pizza

No one wants to come to a pizza party where there's not enough pizza, and you should get enough to allow one or maybe even two slices per person. Of course, if you use a PizzaForno machine, you need not worry about actually making the dough or the pizzas, thus taking care of a huge part of the party planning process.

2. Pick a Theme

While you don't need an excuse to throw a pizza party, you can always make it extra special by tying it to a special occasion or holiday. You can set a theme around the Fourth of July, Halloween, a Summer Party to herald the coming of the summer, etc. It's also important to pick the right place for the theme and remember that you can never go wrong with a house party as long as you have the right decorations.

3. Create a Timeline

It's always a good idea to create a timeline for your pizza party as that'll serve as a kind of itinerary for the evening. For instance, if you plan on having people over at 7 pm, chances are they're not going to actually arrive at 7pm. So, it's best to start your activities at least an hour later to give your guests time to get to the party. A few activities you can pass your time with include card games such as Uno and Poker, conversation starter cards, or playing really fun board games.

4. Consider Food Sensitivities

You also want to be mindful of different food sensitivities as you plan your pizza party. For instance, if one or more of your guests is gluten intolerant, make sure you have gluten-free pizza or other foods they can eat. There’s nothing that'll ruin a pizza party faster than an allergy gone wrong.

5. Set the Tone

Just the idea of a pizza party screams fun. But you'll have to have more than pizza to really make your party a memorable occasion. You can use candles instead of lights to set a more dreamy, moody vibe, put together a casual playlist for the evenings, and put out streamers or tassel garland to make it extra fun and special.

As fun as it can be to get all your friends together to entertain, it can also be stressful and daunting. With a PizzaForno vending machine, you can pick up fully cooked pizzas of different flavors and each one takes just three minutes. This will eliminate all the preparation time, leaving you time to set the mood and take care of other aspects that turn a party into a fabulous soiree.

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